Oncological Surgery Unit
Chief: Dr. Lorenzo Fiore (from 16/11/2011 to 10/07/2016)
Staff: Dr. Francesco Coppola, Dr. Felice Peluso
Via delle Repubbliche, 7 • 80035 - Nola (Naples) - Italy
Tel. +39 0818223281 - +39 0818223111

Surgery Unit derived from "Endocrine and Oncological Surgery Project" initiated in the years 2001-2005 from "Endocrine and Oncological Surgery Unit" in the S. Giovanni Bosco Hospital of Naples (ASL Napoli 1) and further developed over the years from 2006-2011 by "Division of General and Emergency Surgery" in the Boscotrecase Hospital (ASL Napoli 3 Sud).
In particular, in 2009 were met and exceeded the targets set by the Strategic Proiect A4 "CEO-Napoli" assigned of Endocrine and Oncological Surgery, tending to invert, or at least to reduce, the trend of the outside and extraregional mobility for the surgical treatment of thyroid and neoplastic diseases and was actually produced a functional and procedural context to maintain certain standards and quantitative and open to further development.